Blogue en français sur la voile – New sailing blog in French

It all started with my husband, Steve Sepulchre (a.k.a. Etienne), writing daily updates about the Vendée Globe, the solo round-the-world non-stop sailing race, to his brothers, all avid sailors.  They were forwarding his reports to other friends, so it seemed logical to me to put them on a blog.  So now the world has a new sailing blog, Voile pour tous, which means “Sailing for everyone”.  We’ll have quite a variety of sailing subjects on it eventually, as we also have our own sailing adventures.  You’ll find the new sailing blog at  The big question is whether it’s best to keep a blog in one language or have entries in both French and English – in which case I would write too, rather than inflict my French on the blogging world.  However, we would NOT translate everything into the other language.  What do you think?  Would it confuse the search engines?  Would it frustrate readers?


Flemming Holm’s blog on politics

My father has been quite inspired by having a blog.  He likes the fact that his letters to the editor and to politicians on various social and political topics now have the opportunity of being seen by more people.  At 82, and an avid follower of Canadian politics in particular, he has lots of important things to say.  His career included being a United Church of Canada minister and a Human Rights Commission investigator, and his humanitarian attitude has been formed by these experiences – or perhaps his career choices were a result of his humanitarian outlook.  Whatever.  Read his blog at