Squidoo Nova Scotia

Social “Web 2.0” sites like Squidoo are supposed to be places where you can create instant links and raise the profile for your website. So in October last, I set up a page at Squidoo.com called Sea Nova Scotia, aiming to increase traffic to my Nova Scotia Photo Album site which has been generating a small amount of AdSense income and is generally a labour of love.  Checked back today (for the first time) and there has been zero traffic to my Squidoo page (actually it’s called a “lens”)!  Apparently it isn’t so easy.  Or nobody searches much for “Nova Scotia” on Squidoo – which may be.   I hadn’t created any links to the Squidoo lens – until now, that is.

Actually the Web 2.0 strategy involves much more: create a network of links from high-ranking Web 2.0 properties to each other and into your site from popular sites, then link to those from blogs etc.  It takes a lot of time – at least as much time as setting up pay-per-click (PPC) ads or even doing on-page search engine optimization (SEO).  And as soon as everyone starts doing it, the search engines will catch on and something else will be the new Big Thing.

Ah well, if you can, I’d suggest hiring a teenager to help out – give them something useful to do with their Facebook and Twitter acumen!